Experts in waste and recycling expense reduction that directly adds to your bottom line.
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KES will do a complimentary analysis of your waste and recycling needs as well as audit previous invoices to verify past charges.


KES will determine proper disposal options, lowering your costs while providing a more efficient and better waste service experience.


KES will use our buying power to lower your rates! We typically achieve a savings of 25-35% over current costs.

How We Can Help

No Risk... Only Reward!

  • We manage solid waste, recycling, temporary dumpsters, medical waste, e-waste and document destruction.
  • We consolidate your waste invoices for all your services and locations on to one easy-to-read statement.
  • We make ordering temporary roll-off containers easy with one call to our customer service department.
  • We will review past invoices to look for errors and money owed to you.
  • With KES you have one contact for all your waste stream needs and customer service issues.
  • We investigate and review any rate changes from the vendors.


KES can help all types of commercial business, non-profits and industry




Apartment Buildings

Medical Facilities



Saving you time, money and resources. No risk....only reward!

  • Who We Are

    Keystone Environmental Solutions is a solid waste, recycling, medical waste, e-waste and document shredding service management company that helps commercial, industrial, and other types of business to maximize service, monitor pick up levels and reduce costs. We have more than twenty years experience in the solid waste and recycling industries. This experience is what transforms our client's time and money into highly efficient, cost effective waste management solutions.

  • What We Do

    KES can help reduce your waste disposal bills by using our industry experience and collective buying power in rate negotiations, "right sizing" of containers, initiating or maximizing recycling programs, streamlining service days and invoice analysis. At KES we know you have more important things to do than worry about waste and recycling removal. You have no risk since there are no up front fees and our average clients save between 25%-35% off invoice. We also will review past invoices to search for refunds and/or credits from previous billing mistakes and overcharges.

  • How We Do It

    At KES we will do a complete waste stream analysis at no cost to you. Our primary goal is the best service in the most efficient manner at the lowest possible cost. Your waste service provider’s primary goal is to keep you as a customer at the highest profit level possible. That is why the agreements are extremely difficult to get out of while you still receive constant price increases. We are not affiliated with any of our vendors so we can provide the best pricing and service for our clients.


What is the benefit of using Keystone Environmental Solutions? 

KES will be there to expertly manage all of your waste and recycling needs. KES is not in business with or associated with any one waste hauler or equipment company. This enables us to search and bid for services and equipment that suit your specific needs and requirements best….all while decreasing costs and helping your bottom line.

Why should I use KES instead of managing our waste stream on our own? 

Keystone Environmental Solutions will use our sources, knowledge, buying power and relationships in the industry to make sure you are serviced at the proper levels while getting the best price. We will do a complete analysis of all waste and recycling needs at your location or multiple locations. 

Who do I contact for service needs, extra pick-ups, container maintenance or temporary dumpsters? 

KES handles all of this for you. No more problems of being transferred from department to department or trying to reach the right person for a solution. Just email or phone KES, one number, one time! 

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No Risk…..Only Reward
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